10 Best Cinema HD APK Alternatives for FireStick /Android (2021)

If you are seeking to watch your favorite movies, TV Shows, and sporting events when you are on the go, then the best way is through a good streaming app. Let’s take a look at 10 best Cinema HD APK Alternatives for FireStick /Android (2021).

If you are a FireStick user and you are looking for the best HD media players, you might be looking for some alternatives, like Cinema HD HD APK, which you can install directly on your FireStick’s main menu. If you have been searching for an alternative, this article will be of great help.

In the age of digital streaming and downloading, watching movies has become a lot easier and more convenient. However, streaming videos on smartphones is still not as smooth as watching them on a TV screen, or a projector. Now, there are many alternatives to watch movies on your mobile device. You can either buy a dedicated Android box or a new Firestick like Google Chromecast. However, these options are not as good as watching movies on a big screen projector, so here are some of the best HD Android APK alternatives for Firestick or Android Smart TV.

In this article, we will look at some of the best Cinema HD APK alternatives for streaming movies and TV shows. These alternatives allow streaming to a range of devices, including the FireStick, Android smartphones and Android TV.

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Cinema HD APK is one of the best streaming applications in a long time. It gives you access to a wide range of content such as movies, TV shows, etc.

However, there have been some problems with APK Cinema lately, so we had to look for a replacement for this program. It is full of advertising and is not always flawless. Because of the large online streaming community, many new apps are released every day and we have tested many apps to bring you the best Cinema HD APK replacements.

These applications may meet or exceed the expectations set by Cinema APK. The applications below are compatible with a wide range of devices, just like the Cinema HD APK.

Attention: read before proceeding

Governments and internet service providers around the world monitor the online activities of their users. If your device is detected streaming copyrighted material, you could be in serious trouble. Your IP is currently visible to everyone. I highly recommend getting a good VPN and hiding your identity so your movie experience doesn’t become a bad one.

I use ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN in the industry. It is very easy to install on any device, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can always request a refund. ExpressVPN is also offering a special promotion where you can get free for 3 months and save 49% on an annual subscription of.

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  • Setting up a VPN on other streaming devices

Best alternatives to APK Cinema HD

Below you will find a list of 10 applications similar to Cinema APK.

1. CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK is at the top of our list of best APK alternatives for movies because it has been performing well with online streamers for quite some time. It offers a variety of movies, TV shows and more. The application is well maintained and regularly updated with the latest content. It uses the best scrapers to get high quality streaming links.

This application has a fast and robust interface and a huge library of content. This is why we consider CatMouse APK as one of the most similar applications to Cinema HD APK.

Supported Devices : Android Mobile, Android TV Box, Smart Android TV, Firestick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To install the CatMouse APK on the Firestick

2. Kodi

This list would not be complete without mentioning Kodi. It is one of the most reliable applications that can replace any other application at any time. Kodi gives you access to a huge amount of movies, TV shows, sports, live streaming, and just about everything else under the sun.

One of the biggest advantages of Kodi is that it is an open source platform that does not rely on a single application developer. The application is updated regularly. All you need to get started are video plug-ins, and there are thousands of them. You can choose from our list of the best Kodi add-ons. If one doesn’t work, there are hundreds ready to take his place.

Kodi is definitely one of the best replacements for Cinema APK, you can always fall back on Kodi when other apps have problems.

Supported Devices : Nearly all devices including PC, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc.

To install Kodi on the Firestick

3. CyberFlix TV

Another best alternative to the Cinema app, Cyberflix TV offers a huge collection of HD quality content that you can watch for hours. The user interface is similar to that of Cinema HD.

Cyberflix TV has a user-friendly and interactive design. The home page is well organized. Multiple languages are also supported for subtitles. This amazing aspect alone makes it the best alternative to Cinema HD APK.

With regularly updated content, you can discover the latest movies and TV shows as soon as they are released. CyberFlix TV is a perfect replacement for the Cinema APK and also offers smooth navigation on a wide variety of devices.

Devices supported by CyberFlix TV include Android mobile phones, Android TV set-top boxes, Smart Android TV, Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

How do I install Netflix TV on the Firestick?

4. BeeTV

One of the biggest contenders among the best alternatives to the Cinema HD app, BeeTV offers a huge library of movies and TV shows. Moreover, there is also a category dedicated to anime, which makes it even more interesting for anime fans. The built-in subtitle feature makes BeeTV one of the best streaming apps.

BeeTV’s content library is regularly updated with the latest news. The application retrieves streams from reliable, high-quality sources to give you an enjoyable viewing experience. By linking to Real Debrid you can watch the best streams.

Works with : Android Mobile, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Smart Android TV, Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To install BeeTV on the Firestick

5. Morph TV

With its high quality streaming and huge collection of content, Morph TV has taken its rightful place in the industry. It definitely deserves a place in this list of the best Cinema HD APK alternatives.

As a remote access application, Morph TV makes it easy to browse and navigate the application on devices like the FireStick. You can find all new versions here, also in HD quality. This feature-rich application with an elegant interface is worth trying and is a good alternative to the Cinema application.

Devices supported by Morph TV : Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Firestick, Android phones, Android TV box, Smart Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To install Morph TV on the Firestick

6. Titanium TV

Just one of the best apps like Cinema HD APK, Titanium TV is one of the best apps for streaming desired movies and TV shows. It finds high quality streaming links and, more importantly, you can find even better links if you use it in conjunction with Real Debrid. Titanium TV is definitely one of my favorite applications for watching my favorite content online.

With content of such high quality and a wide range of on-demand content, such as Cinema HD, this is definitely an incredible app for streaming your favorite movies and shows. The application is also very easy to use and has a familiar interface like Cinema HD.

Supported Devices : Android phones, Android TV box, Smart Android TV, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To install Titanium TV on the Firestick

7. OneBox HD

The OneBox HD has been around for a while. The application is remote-friendly, so you can easily navigate through FireStick devices. It offers an extensive library of films and television programmes.

The OneBox HD finds streaming links quickly enough and offers smooth navigation when using the app. The fact that OneBox HD has a huge library, is easy to use, lightweight, remote control friendly and plays videos faster than most other apps makes it a great alternative to the Cinema HD APK.

Devices: Android smartphones, Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV box, Smart Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To install the OneBox HD on a Firestick

8. TVZion

Update: TVZion is no longer available

Another great app with a beautiful design and many titles in its library, TVZion is loved by many users for its top-notch performance and small size. This app regularly makes our list of the best apps for the FireStick and for all the right reasons; it also makes our list of the best Cinema APK alternatives. If you want to watch movies or TV shows, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

The content of the application is regularly updated with the latest movies and TV shows. The elegant interface and ease of use make this application ideal for a wide range of streaming devices.

TVZion is popular among streamers and offers many movies, TV shows and more.  It offers a wide range of quality content that will satisfy all your entertainment needs. This is one of the best alternatives to Cinema HD APK.

Devices supported by TVZion : Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Smart Android TV, Android Smartphones, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

9. Typhoon TV

Update: This application is no longer available

Typhoon TV is on our list of the best HD Cinema alternatives because it offers high-quality streaming links. Another important feature is the size of the content library. Typhoon TV has a huge library and is especially updated regularly. The interface is simple and easy to use and is similar to the Cinema HD application.

The app is remote-friendly, so it works seamlessly on Fire TV and FireStick devices. This makes Typhoon TV a universal streaming service, based on Typhoon TV, and an excellent alternative.

Supported Devices : Mobile devices, Android TV box, Smart Android TV, Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Amazon Kindle, etc.

To install Typhoon TV on the Firestick

10. UnlockMyTV APK

Update: This application is no longer available

A beautiful dashboard, a clear home screen and an elegant user interface – these features best describe UnlockMyTV Apk. It also has a few extra features, like subtitles, that make it a must-have app for fans of online streaming.

UnlockMyTV is a relatively newer app than the others on this list of best HD Cinema alternatives. Nevertheless, it has gained immense popularity among users due to its excellent usability. The app offers smooth navigation, quick retrieval of high-quality streaming links and fast playback. What else do you need, huh? This feature-rich application is definitely one of the best replacements for the Cinema HD application.

Supported Devices : Fire TV, FireStick, Android phones, smart Android TVs, Android TV Box, Amazon Kindle, Nvidia Shield TV, etc.

To install UnlockMyTV on the Firestick


So here is a list of the best applications similar to Cinema HD APK. Although Cinema HD is one of my most popular applications, it’s always good to have backups because you never know when an application will fail. Let us know which one you like best in the comments below. If you have another app that you think should be in the list of APK alternatives for movies, let us know.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a better app than cinema for FireStick?

Cinema has been out for a long time now, and it’s one of the best-known apps on the FireStick. And yes, that’s what you can use the FireStick for: watching videos. Videos that are in the form of movies, TV shows, and even live TV. You can download and play all sorts of videos including all the popular ones like YouTube, Netflix, and HBO. But what if you want to watch a movie and you don’t have the time to wait for it to load? Not to worry, we have a list of apps that you can use to watch videos remotely. Since the FireStick TV Stick was introduced in 2014, there has been a lot of talk about which app is better for the media streaming experience. Cinema was one of the first apps to be built for the FireStick, and it is the app that many people have used for years. Cinema has gotten better over time, but it is still the app that is most loved by users.

What app is better than Cinema HD?

Cinema HD is a very handy app. Its a video player that delivers all the best HD videos and movies. The app is also very versatile. You can record the videos you like, set the screen size for optimal viewing, or watch them offline and save the videos to watch them later. It also offers the option to play live TV channels by simply tapping on the thumbnail.   On the other hand, the app is not without its flaws. It comes with a few issues including the inability to play videos that are stored on the SD card, the unnecessary premium add-ons, and the inability to play the videos on the device itself. The free version of the app is also a bit limited, and does not offer you many options in terms Cinema HD is the movie app that comes preinstalled on the Amazon Fire TV. It’s a great app, but just like most good things in life, it has to be used in moderation. There are better alternatives if you want to cut down on the number of time you spend in the app, though.

Does cinema APK still work?

Cinema (Cinema APK) is a video player for Android which allows you to play HD videos. It is a full paid app, but it is still worth trying it out, since it is a simple and effective way to watch videos on Android. You can find other Cinema alternatives that are free, but they will not allow you to watch TV shows, movies, and live sports. Cinema APK is a free app that lets you play movies on your Android device. It works well and with the help of some different methods, it can actually work flawlessly. However, it’s not always available, and in case it’s not, there is a list of other apps that work quite well.

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