A closer look at the new Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Microsoft has made some changes to the looks of their Windows Store on Windows 10 and in Windows 11, and part of that includes repositioning the apps listed in the store, including various tweaks to the layout and font. The Store is now split into the Featured section, a grid that shows off popular apps, and the Most Sold section, which shows off the most popular apps. The changes are a bit subtle, but I still want to take a closer look at them and highlight some of the changes.

Microsoft’s Windows Store is getting a new look in Windows 11, so it’s time to take a closer look.

Sometimes you need to dig deep into something to really understand it. In this case, I was browsing the Windows Store for the first time, and I found myself getting lost in the vast sea of apps. Windows Store is arguably the most similar to the iTunes store of all the stores, with apps for everything from News, to Sports, to Games, to Food and Drink, and even to Entertainment. By using some of the store’s features, it’s possible to group apps into similar categories. For example, the News category includes both news apps and news-related-app-type apps, like New York Times. Either way, there is a lot to learn about Windows Store.

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  • The new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 is the talk of the internet.
  • In addition to a cleaner look and a new modern design, the store will also support more types of applications.
  • Вы сможете загружать програмы Win32, Progressive Web Applications и даже приложения для Android благодаря определенному партнерству.
  • The company will also allow the use of third-party payment systems, but not for everyone.

The hype surrounding the new Windows 11 doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon, as users are constantly researching and analyzing each new feature, comparing prices, researching online, and creating threads on forums.

But lately, the new Microsoft Store and all that goes with it has been getting a lot of attention.

Gamers want to know if Steam and Epic Games Store will really be part of the new app store, Android users want to know if Microsoft will really integrate Android apps into Windows 11, etc.

The vision for the new store is best described by Panos Panay, director and product manager for Windows+ devices at Microsoft:

The new Microsoft Store is a central and trusted place to find apps and content to browse, create, play, work and learn. Not only do we offer more apps than ever before, but we make all content – apps, games, series, movies – easier to find and discover through organized stories and collections.

Want to know all about the new App Store? So read on, because in today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and answer all your questions.

What does the new Microsoft Store offer?

Cleaner and clearer design

Visually, the new design is based on Fluent Design and WinUI, the integrated Windows user interface platform.

The new Microsoft Store looks cleaner and more streamlined, with a new navigation menu on the left and a new search bar.

But what will definitely improve is the design of the request page, as it will be more detailed.

You can now see more information about the download size, user comments, application options and change log.

According to Microsoft, the new store has been redesigned with both consumers and developers in mind, and offers better overall functionality and performance than the Windows 10 Store.

Store supports more types of applications

During the big announcement, it was also revealed that the new store will support more types of applications, including extracted Win32 .exe and .MSI programs.

In addition, developers can also use .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, Java and Progressive Web Apps packaging technologies to publish applications to the Microsoft Store.

But what really stood out during the Windows 11 presentation was the news that app developers can now use their own CDNs and commercial platforms.

This means that they receive 100% of the revenue, unlike other app stores that usually charge a percentage.

From 28. In July, the company will allow third-party payment systems, but as with anything that sounds too good to be true, Microsoft has clarified that this will not apply to games.

New partnerships, exciting apps and more games

You’ll find thousands of apps and games in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, all tested, all safe, and most free to download and play.

Steam has grown in recent years into a huge store of games and applications for Windows. Of course, Microsoft wants to give its users all the applications and games they want.

New confirmed partners include Adobe and its Creative Cloud offering, Zoom, Disney Plus and even TikTok.

You can find and download Notepad and Paint directly from the Store, as well as Office, Edge, and Visual Studio.

Microsoft also announced important news about Microsoft Teams: For the first time, the application will be integrated directly into Windows.

This will come as a big surprise to users, given the long partnership with Skype, which wasn’t even mentioned during the Windows 11 presentation.

But one of the biggest and most exciting pieces of news was the announcement of a partnership with the Amazon Appstore.

This means that Windows users can now access Android apps on their Windows 11 devices.

Read what Palanidaran Chidambaram, director of Amazon Appstore and Cross-Screen Technology, has to say about it:

Today we offer a wide range of mobile apps in the Amazon Appstore, available for the Fire TVs, Fire tablets and Android devices our customers use every day….. With this announcement, developers in the Amazon Appstore will have the opportunity to make their Android apps available to hundreds of millions of Windows customers.

Thanks to this partnership, users will be able to search applications on the Microsoft Store and purchase them on the Amazon Store.

You can also search for applications by going directly to the website, but there is an option to use the pop-up store to download the application from the Microsoft Store.

This is good news for those who love, say, Instagram or Snapchat, as the app is much easier to use than the website.

To enable Appstore integration on x86 systems, Microsoft noted at the launch event that Windows users can purchase mobile apps from Amazon and run them using Intel Bridge technology.

In addition, Intel-based applications will also run on ARM- and AMD-based systems, although the technical details of how this will happen are not yet clear.

Will Windows 10 applications run on Windows 11?

Windows 11, Microsoft Store, is not available for Windows 10, nor for Windows 11, nor for Windows 11, nor for Windows 11.

Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to create an application store that gives users the confidence and convenience to avoid the risk of installing applications from the Internet.

The new Microsoft Store will be available starting this fall for users who upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11.

So far, we’ve answered almost every question about the new Windows 11, talked to users, and even put together an exclusive survey so you can get all the information in one place.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to use our comments section below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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