Best time calculator apps for Android and iPhone (2021)

It’s been less than a year since we last updated our list of best time calculator apps for smartphones. Since that time, we’ve seen some important new additions; the most significant being the release of the new version of Proximea, which adds support for the iPhone.

If you want to know what time it is in a different country, or alternatively, how long it will be until you get there, you can use a time calculator app. But are there any that are better than the rest? The list below contains the best time calculator apps for Android and iPhone (2021).

Let’s say you have a newspaper delivery service for both. Subscribed week of the month and you want to pay the newspaper delivery bill. To calculate the amount due, determine the number of days between the two dates. If the two dates fall in the same month and year, you can find the number quickly, but what if the dates are several months apart? Although you can count the days manually using a calendar program, this method takes time. Isn’t that so? Why count days manually when you can use a date and time calculator app on your Android or iOS device. If you use the Time/Date Calculator application, you can get answers to difficult questions, such as B. How many days have you lived? How old are you exactly? You can also use this application if you have a list of hours and want to add them.

Best timing apps for Android and iOS

Time calculator: Hours of operation and time between

With this application, you can not only add, subtract and multiply time, but also accept two dates and display the time/days between the two dates entered. The TC interface displays numbers from 0 to 9 and the following keys:

If you click on a number and then click the button above, the application will add a one to the number and display it. If you z. B. Press the 30 key and then the time key, the TC displays 30 hours in its text field. The TC does not allow you to enter an invalid time in the text field. It has a button to convert the time entered during operation. Allows the user to change the default unit values. For example, you can set the number of days per year to a value of your choice. TC allows you to change the interface language, font and color theme.

Time calculator with hours and minutes

As the name suggests, this application allows you to perform simple arithmetic operations with two hours in HH:mm format. With this application you can add and even subtract time. The HMTC has an option to activate the haptic function. It has a button to clear the time displayed in the text box. When you press this button, the HMTC sets the time to 00:00.

Date and time calculator

This application contains four different calculators, including one that supports mathematical operations on numbers. The DATC interface is good, but people using it for the first time will get lost. Use the program’s time difference calculator to find the number of years, weeks or days between two dates. You can also use it to determine the number of hours, minutes and seconds between two moments. The application allows you to view previous calculations. It can convert years into days, hours, minutes, seconds, weeks, etc. You can use the application to find out the current time in the country (time zone) of your choice. It can convert local time to Greenwich Mean Time.

Time and clock calculator

THC has a better interface than the above applications and provides an advanced time calculation program that supports expressions, addition, division, etc. THC has a history interface where you can see the calculations you have done in the past.

You can add labels to calculations displayed in the application history. THC can immediately convert the result of the calculation into years, months, weeks. Unlike some of the applications I described above, TAHC only accepts temporary data. TAHC does not allow you to work with dates in the format of days:hours:minutes, etc. This is the only disadvantage of this application.

Cardomon time calculator

This is another useful application to convert the time format Year:Month:Day:Hour:Minute to Hours. You can also use TCC to add, divide, subtract data in this format. The application can take a number and multiply it by the result of the conversion. You can use this function if you work on an hourly basis, if your working hours are fixed and if you want to calculate your salary or income.

Date calculator

None of the above applications can ignore specific days of the week when finding the difference between two dates, but this application can. You can also specify the dates when this application had holidays. The date calculator does not have a calculator-like interface. On the interface you can choose two dates and times. Time selection is optional in DC. The application also displays a checkbox that you must select if you want the application to take the current day into account when calculating the result. DC has a special date information tool that lets you know the day of the month, week and year of any past or future date.

Single date calculator

TCS is a basic application that can display the number of days between your chosen start date and the current date or your specified end date. It can also calculate the days between a date and a number. Next to the text field with the numbers you will find the possibility to choose one of the following options:

Like the other applications I’ve covered here, SDC displays results immediately.

Another way to find days between dates, years, months, etc. – Find and use a date and time calculator available online or use Google Assistant/Apple Siri. To find these tools, search for a date calculator or time calculator in Bing, Google, etc. and open the tool that the search engine displays in the search results. Digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant will not be able to answer questions like Find the days of the 7th. April 1991 to 8. April 2000 to answer, but they can answer questions as in 200 hours. You need to ask Google Assistant or Apple Siri questions in a way that the apps can understand.

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