Fallout 76 Scrip Surplus Weekend Event – Schedule for

It’s all part of the gaming industry’s annual tradition of celebrating the best games in the world on a weekend-long celebration that sparks millions of dollars in revenue for the game’s publishers. This week, Bethesda’s Fallout 76 has announced its own Scrip Surplus Weekend, which will run from September 27 to September 30. Bethesda has […]

How to Post on Facebook App & PC | Latest Guide 2021

Posting on Facebook is a fun way to help you keep in touch with everyone. You can also use it to share your photos, videos, and anything else you want. There are many different ways in which you can post. You can post in your Facebook app, the Facebook website, or even on Facebook Messenger. […]

Madden 22 features that EVERYONE wants to see

Madden 22 is coming this year, and if the rumors are true (and they always are), it will be an incredible game. EA Sports has always listened to their fans, so if you want to see anything new in Madden 22, you should speak up. There are a few things I would love to see […]

Resolve the Flash VPN not connecting issue [2021 guide]

This guide will help you resolve the Flash VPN not connecting issue while using this service. By the time you finish reading this guide, you should be able to connect to the service and enjoy all its features. You might be wondering why you would even use a VPN at no cost. There are a […]

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG for PC

Brave Nine – Tactical RPG for PC

The studio’s previous release, Brave Eight – Tactical RPG for PC, didn’t sell as well as expected. In a bold move, the developers have decided to completely overhaul the game for it’s follow-up, Brave Nine – Tactical RPG for PC. Gone are the traditional JRPG fight mechanics, in their place is a fresh, new turn-based […]