Facebook’s new smartwatch could feature two cameras

Samsung has confirmed that they are working on a smartwatch, Facebook’s latest creation, that could feature two independent lenses. The device is expected to be unveiled later this year, so it’s anyone’s guess what the specs will be like.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement Tuesday that the social network plans to launch a smartwatch in 2015 caused all sorts of speculation on what it might look like. One idea that’s been floated is that it will have two cameras, while others think that it will have a few extra sensors like heart rate monitors and blood oxygenation sensors. However, the simplest answer, according to one analyst is that it will have two cameras.

Facebook’s new smartwatch, which was announced at the Facebook F8 conference this week, has two cameras on the front and back of the device, which will allow it to take 360-degree photos and make video calls. The hardware will be powered by the company’s two-year-old Oculus VR platform, which was acquired by the social network in 2014.

According to recent rumors, Facebook is working on a new smartwatch that will be used in the company’s suite of apps. This portable device is expected to come with dual cameras and other interesting features. As The Verge reports, Facebook could be working on a new smartwatch. This device has not been confirmed in any way yet, but reports suggest that we could be getting it as early as next summer. It will have a dual-camera display that can be used to take photos and videos that can then be shared on your social media apps. The camera on the front of the watch should also be used primarily for video calls, while the second camera will be able to record 1080p videos. This additional camera can also include autofocus and is mainly used to capture your favorite moments, as it is separate from the stainless steel watch frame. Facebook may not be alone in this project, as it is also working with other companies to develop accessories that will allow the camera hub to be attached to backpacks, according to people with knowledge of these new smartwatches. The idea is to encourage watch owners to use their watches in the same way smartphones do today. The move is part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to make more mobile phones, bypassing Apple and Google, the two big makers of mobile phone platforms that largely determine how Facebook can reach people. The big question now is how many users will buy this watch. First of all, you have to remember that Facebook is not exactly known for its respect for users’ privacy and data, so most people will have a hard time with this watch. However, Facebook will try to persuade people to buy this smartwatch, which will also be used as a fitness device with heart rate monitor. In addition, Facebook is also reportedly working with wireless carriers in the US to add LTE support to its smartwatch, which would allow users to wear the device without having to pair it with a smartphone. It is also reported that this watch could be offered in white, black and gold color variants and sales will be in the six figures. Source: The Verge Via MacRumors. word-image-4799

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