How To Merge Boards On Pinterest In 2022 – Simple Guide

How To Merge Boards On Pinterest

Want to know how to merge boards on Pinterest? If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything out!

How to Merge Boards on Pinterest Pinterest is one of the best social networking websites which has become very popular in recent times. There are millions of users of this website and almost everyone is using this site to get more traffic and more followers. Many people ask me how to merge boards on Pinterest and that is why I am here with this article to help you out.

So, I will discuss everything about how to merge boards on Pinterest, and how to get more followers. Merge boards on Pinterest This is the easiest way to get more followers on your board. If you want to get more followers, then just follow these steps and you will be able to get more followers in a matter of time.

  • Go to the board that you have created
  • Click on the “Pin It” button
  • Now, go to the “Board Manager” and select the board that you have created
  • Now, click on the “Merge” button
  • Now, it will ask you to enter the URL of the board that you want to merge with your board. You need to enter the URL of the board that you have created.
  • Once you have entered the URL, click on the “Merge” button
  • Now, your board will be merged with the board that you have created
  • Now, you can easily follow the new board and get more followers on your board.

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How To Make A Section In A Pinterest Board

Adding sections to your board is simple, I have said before. It is easy to turn sections into their own Boards by moving tons of Pins into your new sections. I will be covering all of the how-tos you need to know.

How To Create Sections In Pinterest Boards

Pin your favorite websites, articles, and other Pinterest boards to your own personal “Pinboard” with the free Pinterest mobile app! If you already have an account, log in and see how easy it is to create a custom Pinterest board, or add a section of content from an existing Pinboard you’ve created.

Laura’s steps for organizing your Board can be used to add Pins to your Board.

If you want to make a section, go to the board. If you want to name your section, click “+section”. You can click the button to organize within the larger board. Click on all the pins you want to move to that new section, then choose the section from the drop-down menu that appears.

Saving Pins To Pinterest Board Sections

When you find a new Pin to save, the boards with the sections will have an arrow next to them in your board list. If you tap the Board, you will be able to choose the section you want to add to.

Adding a new section to the Board is possible on this screen. You don’t have to use this option for Boards you haven’t set up sections on yet. Don’t worry, you can always go in and add them later.

Deleting Pinterest Board Sections

To delete a Pinterest Board section in the Pinterest mobile app, here’s what to do: 

Go to the Board and select a section to be removed. Tap the “…” button in the top left corner. Select “Edit Section” and choose Delete. Once done, tap the “Done” button.

All of your pins will be removed permanently from the section. If you want to keep the Pins, move them all out before merging the board with another section. You can do this by selecting the Pins you want to keep, tapping edit, and then moving them to another section or Board for safe-keeping.

How To Make A Section Into A Board On Pinterest

Are you feeling like your section might be better off as a separate board? It is straightforward to do. It is not possible to flip a switch to turn a section into a new Board yet, but there is a simple way to move pins from the Board section to the new Board section. Here is the way it is done.

  1. Create a new Board on Pinterest (name it something relevant and related to the Board section you’re moving and the Pins therein!)
  2. Open the current Board with the section you’d like to turn into its own Board
  3. Open the Section
  4. Click the Filter button at the top of the page (two sliders icon)
  5. Click “Select Pins to Move or Delete”
  6. Select each Pin in the section you’d like to move
  7. At the top of the screen, click “Move”
  8. Select your recently created Board from the “Other Boards” section
  9. Tap Save

Once your Pins are saved to the new Board, you can delete the section.


I hope that this post has helped you to merge your boards on Pinterest or move your pins where you want them!

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