How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming? Tips And Tricks

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming?

How to optimize Windows 10 for gaming? Read further to know more.

If you are a gamer then you must be aware of the fact that gaming is not just a hobby but it is a profession as well. You can earn a lot of money by playing games as many gamers are earning from it. But there is a problem, which is that the performance of your PC will not be able to support a smooth gaming experience.

So, today in this article I will be discussing how to optimize windows 10 for gaming? so that you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without facing any performance issues.

Update Your Drivers Updating the drivers is one of the best ways to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. If you have updated your drivers then you will not face any performance issues while gaming. There is some software available on the internet that will help you to update the drivers automatically.

Use AMD/Intel Processor If you are using a low-end processor then you need to use a low-end motherboard as well. But if you are using a high-end processor then you don’t need to worry about anything as the processor itself will be able to run your game smoothly. So, always use an Intel or AMD processor and a high-end motherboard.

Disable Aero Glass This is also one of the best ways to optimize windows 10 for gaming. If you disable it then your game will run smoothly without facing any performance issues. You can use the software available on the internet to disable the Aero glass or you can just use the registry editor.

Disable Background Apps If you are facing any performance issues while playing games then the first thing that you should do is to disable all the background apps. You can use the task manager to disable them.

Manage Your Active Hours

During a gaming session, Windows 10 can be used to update your computer and restart it in the middle. It was bad. If your team or rank is on the line, this can be very disappointing. Downloads in the background can slow down your internet connection and eat up your working memory, even if you don’t need to restart your computer immediately.

We recommend against turning off automatic updates because you might think it’s the best option. Users not being able to update their system on their own and exposing them to cyber threats is a result of Windows’ continuous updating without permission.

Windows auto-updates ruin your raid, but they also protect your system and keep it running well. Scheduling your active hours is a more intelligent and sensible solution. Windows will allow you to set your gaming and work hours, but will not allow you to install updates during these times.

The non-active hours will be used by Windows to update and restart your system. To set your active hours, you need to press the Windows key. You can change active hours by going to Update & Security and clicking on the Change active hours link. There is a minimum gap of 6 hours between the 18 hours of active time you can choose. You will be able to download your updates on Windows.

Prevent Steam Auto-Updating Gaming

You are most likely using Windows to install and buy games on Steam. One of the biggest annoyances of Steam is the update feature. Automatic updates can be stopped across all of your games, but this prevents that. The memory can be eaten up and the network can be restricted by background updates.

Change Your Visual Effects Settings

Your processing power can be affected by the graphical user interface. It’s possible to turn on the background graphics by default. When you play games in the foreground, the processing power of your computer will be affected. If you want to improve Windows 10 for gaming, adjust your visual effects settings.

Here are the step-by-step instructions. To find the best-matched option, type View advanced system configurations in the search box for Windows. Click the settings in the performance section if you want to switch to the advanced tab. For maximum performance from the pop-up window, choose the option to adjust. If you want to confirm your changes, click on Apply and OK.

Use a high-performance power plan

If you are using a desktop computer instead of a laptop, you may be able to use this. There were power plans created to help manage the battery life of portable devices. It is worth looking for a high-performance power plan because there are no restrictions on a desktop computer. It will make your PC more efficient and consume more energy by keeping the processor Frequency high.


So, I hope these were some of the best ways to optimize windows 10 for gaming. If you are facing any problems while gaming then try to fix those issues as soon as possible.