How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing: 6 Ways to Do It

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

When Instagram first introduced Stories, people were skeptical. But over time, it has become one of the most popular features on the app. In fact, more than 250 million people use Stories every day! If you’re one of those people who doesn’t want anyone to know that you’re looking at someone’s story, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your friends and followers on the app. But what if you don’t want people to know that you’re watching their stories? In this blog post, we will discuss six ways that you can view Instagram Stories without them knowing!

1. InstaAgent

The first way to view Instagram stories without others knowing is using a third-party app called “InstaAgent.” This software, which can be found in the App Store, enables you to secretly access other users’ stories and posts by giving you their login details! It’s that simple. However, we do not recommend that you use this app because it will get caught and then blocked by Instagram.

2. Using Chrome

Another way you can view Instagram Stories without your account being detected is through the “incognito mode” in Google Chrome for Android and iOS devices. 

All you have to do is open up an incognito window on your phone or tablet browser, go to the Instagram site, and search for any user’s name. When you click on their profile, you will have access to their stories!

Keep in mind that this technique only works if you are viewing a public account that hasn’t been set to private. You can still use it if a person has a public account but doesn’t post often, however, your best chance at spying on someone is by going directly through their profile page link. 

On an iPhone hold down the number below each profile picture and when it says “Copy Link,” tap on “Go to App” (on Android devices tap the three dots next to the number) and select Instagram from within your phone’s app menu. From there you can view stories without them knowing.

3. Using An Android Emulator

Another way to access Instagram stories without your account being detected is through the “Crossover” application on the Google Play store. The application allows you to load a site in a separate browser window and play it as a full-screen app on your computer. 

This way, you can watch an Instagram user’s story without them knowing because your IP address remains hidden! Just make sure that you have multiple Twitter or Instagram accounts so that anyone who sees notifications from your phone won’t be able to figure out what you’re doing. 

Also, this method only works with Chrome and not Firefox, however, both of which will allow you to view other people’s stories without them knowing by going into incognito mode.

4. Using A VPN Or Proxy Application

Another way to view people’s Instagram stories without them knowing is through the use of a virtual private network (VPN) app. A VPN will reroute your internet connection through another server, which can be located anywhere in the world, thus giving you access to sites that are blocked in your location! 

There are many applications for both Android and iOS devices, but make sure it doesn’t require any personal information because you don’t want someone else accessing your account when using this method! 

We recommend “ProxMate” for both types of phones. Once you have downloaded and opened up the app just select “Browse All Sites,” search for Instagram on Play or the App Store, and log in. 

If you want to spy on a specific user you can simply type their name in the search bar and when it finishes loading their profile page, tap on “Follow this Instagram”. From here, select “Browse All Sites” again, then go into incognito mode and choose the person’s account that you wish to view.

5. Using A Browser Add-on Or Extension

If you have Firefox for Android or iOS devices, there is a way to access Instagram stories without being detected! Just download an add-on called “Naked Browser”, which is free in both stores. Once you have installed the app open up a new window and click on “browse naked.” 

After this point just go onto any Instagram account and look for their stories. If you want to spy on a specific person, type in their name and it will load all of the photos/videos they have posted under that user’s page.

6. Make An App From The Website

Another way you can access someone’s Instagram stories without being detected is by making your own “story viewer” app! Here’s how: 

1) Open up a new window in Google Chrome and go here [ Story Viewer Source Code ] to make your custom code. 

2) Make sure the code is used within a frame or iframe tag because this will hide your identity while watching other people’s stories! 

3) After viewing the source code, copy and paste it into any HTML editor and then create a new webpage. 

4) Finally, upload the file onto your website and add the link to all of your social media pages so others can access it too!

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So there you have it! Six methods to view Instagram stories without the account owner knowing. We hope you found this post helpful and informative. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Let us know in the comments below!