Madden 22 features that EVERYONE wants to see

Madden 22 is coming this year, and if the rumors are true (and they always are), it will be an incredible game. EA Sports has always listened to their fans, so if you want to see anything new in Madden 22, you should speak up. There are a few things I would love to see in the new game, so here they are:

Madden 22 is one of the most popular football games out there, and the 22nd installment in the franchise is about to be released. There are plenty of Madden 22 features that are expected to be on this year’s version (and hopefully more that aren’t). While the game will still include the regular 11-on-11 football, you can expect some exciting changes and new features that are sure to make this year’s game a must-have for football fans everywhere.

The 2020 NFL season is now a thing of the past. TB12 got his 7th win of the season. Super Bowl ring. Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence are preparing to go to work in Florida. Stafford is working for the Rams now. And Rodgers is leaving Green Bay.

With all eyes on next season, fans are anxious to see what changes Madden 22 will bring. We scoured social media and independent forums to find the three features fans would most like to see in Madden 22.

The Madden 22 features everyone wants to see

Most of the features revolve around the continued pressure from fans for changes to Madden’s franchise mode. Fans of the franchise games feel like they don’t get the same depth or involvement as in other sports games like NBA 2K or FIFA.

So we’ve listed the different features they’d like to see in Madden 22. The main things everyone wants to see are more introductions, a coach carousel/skill tree, and improved scouting.

Add other presentation products

Whether it’s regular season games, preseason practice games, or even the Super Bowl, you notice a distinct lack of pre-game preparation, evaluations at halftime, stats, pre and post game press conferences, etc.

In addition, the ability to see the opponent’s tendencies, common plays or dangerous players to watch out for is a great way to get fans in the mood for the game. If you take away such simple things, you also take away the overall engagement and realism of the game. Players will be less inclined to invest in their franchise’s story if they feel the production value is low.

Carousel / address trees

As you may recall, in previous versions of Madden, not only could head coaches switch divisions, but offensive and defensive coordinators could as well.

Even in the old versions of NCAA games, there was a coaching carousel with defensive and offensive coordinators, with the good coordinators eventually moving up and getting hired.

Adding this feature to future versions of Madden would make sense to give players more options to customize their team and promote good (or bad) offense/defense.

Another request from Madden players is to add some kind of skill tree where players get bonuses for game stats, player development bonuses, morale bonuses, player retention bonuses, federation bonuses, etc.


When it comes to scouting in Madden, not much has changed. Each season, you’ll get a full list of potential players that you can look at in more detail in XP to determine whether or not they fit into your team.

The problem is that it’s pretty limited and doesn’t give the feeling of authenticity or realism. In general, it seems that the same type of player is chosen year after year.

Instead, fans have suggested that Madden should try to mimic the tactics of the major European football clubs in FIFA. If Madden adopts this idea, scouting will have to be completely rebuilt with regional scouts (East, West, North and South) with different skills/characteristics.

Each scout has different attributes and skills that make him unique (rating, reputation, specialization and bias/influence), each of which prioritizes certain aspects of the potential candidate’s portfolio.

For example, Bias/Influencers defines what recruiters consider more important than anything else: Athletics, Intangibles, Potential and Talent. These scouts have progressively delivered reports from across the country throughout the NFL season. The NFL Combine is used to limit the candidates at the top of your list.

An interesting addition would be a college tab that shows a player’s college stats, as well as their awards and accomplishments. Adding more flexibility and customization options is a great way to maintain interest in a franchise.

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