15 Best Games like Madden NFL 21 Mobile for Android, iOS, and PC

Madden NFL Mobile is a free-to-play football game developed by EA Sports. It was released on Android, iOS, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire in 2014. It is the official mobile game of the NFL, and uses the NFL’s game engine. As you might have guessed, this game is not exactly like the real-life football game: the […]

How to Install The Joker Builds on Kodi / FireStick [2021]

Today, I’m going to show you how to install the latest version of the Joker Builds on your Fire Stick or any other device that supports Kodi. I’ve been using the Joker Builds for about 6 hours, and I’ve so far not encountered any bugs or issues. I cannot wait to see what’s in store […]

How to Install Roger On Kodi 16 and Kodi 17 – Best Kodi Tips

Installing and using Kodi on a Windows PC is easy, but the process gets a bit more complicated if you’re using a Linux distribution or a Mac. So, this post is going to show you how to install the 16.1 version of the Video Player Open Source Project called “Kodi” on your respective operating system. […]

How to Install Unhinged Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

How to Install Unhinged Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton is one of several Unhinged builds that are designed to specifically target a range of devices, from low-end to high-end, and from old models to new. In order to install these builds on Kodi 17 Krypton, you’ll need to first install Unhinged, which is available from […]

How to Install Dazbo Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

I wanted to write about my experience installing Dazbo Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton, which is a build created by the user “Dazbox”, which consists of a lot of amazing premium addons. My goal was to show the readers how to install this build and what you can get from it, while also explaining some […]

How To Install Pandeco Telly Addon On Kodi 16 and 17 Krypton

Today we’re going to be installing a Kodi Telly addon called “PANDECO”. It is a very simple to use add-on that will display information about the shows that are currently playing in your media center. The Pandeco Telly Kodi addon is an app that has been designed with the sole purpose of bringing you the […]

How to Install Scheme Streams on Kodi

The Kodi media player has been around for almost 8 years, and has become part of the most popular media center software available today. The Kodi Application has evolved over the years to become a robust media center that can play everything from youtube videos and podcasts, to movies, TV shows, music and even live […]

No Crop for Instagram For PC Windows and Mac

In a world where Instagram is used by many to post their food, you´d think Instagram would have a crop option for photos on their website. But no, they don’t. They don’t even have an option for “un-cropping”. Instagram is well-known as a photo-sharing social network for mobile devices, built around the concept of social […]

Updated List of Best Kodi Builds for FireStick & Android in 2020

As the Kodi ecosystem has grown and matured, there have been a lot of changes to the popular media player. The latest version, Kodi 18 Leia, added support for Amazon Firestick devices and mobile devices, two important features. But before we discuss those, let’s first take a look at what’s new with 18 Leia. For […]

iTunes Dark Mode—How to Activate It?

When Apple announced the new dark mode for iTunes, it received mixed reactions. Some users were excited by the prospect of a darker iTunes, and some users were upset about the change, fearing that the new dark theme would create a mess on their device. For those who care, iTunes 12.5.1 has now been updated […]