[Quick Tips] How To Set Wallpaper Without Zoom In Android

Back in the day, when I was in high school, hanging wallpaper was something my parents did. After doing a little research, I discovered many people like doing this task on their own. So I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to do it without using the zoom. To do this, I will show you how to use the pan and zoom functions to set your wallpaper without the zoom.

If you want to try out a new wallpaper without zooming in on it, and are having trouble figuring out how to do it, then read on.

Review: Every smartphone user loves to set wallpapers on their phone screen. They use their own images or upload images that they define as background images. However, you are faced with the problem of having to install the entire image as it grows. They want to look at the big picture, but they can’t. If you are one of them, read this guide. Here we look at some Android apps that allow you to set non-scaling wallpapers in Android.

Let’s start with some practical scenarios from real users!

Practical scenario 1: User A asks for help to set a full background without cropping in Android

Stop scaling the background image

Hey, guys.

I just got an android phone and I have a little problem.

I have an image I want to use as a background, and I resized it to the resolution I want, but when I set it as a background, the phone makes it much larger….. That’s why it looks bad and doesn’t show the whole picture…..

Is there a solution to this problem?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Source: Android Forums

Practical scenario 2: User does not want to access background image

How can I prevent the background image from scaling?

What drives me crazy is that when I adjust the background image, it gets bigger. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Source: Android Forums

Similar to the above practice scenarios, many users also face this problem and want to solve it.

So you don’t have to worry, because you’re not alone in this. Just use any of the apps I will mention below to install wallpapers on Android without getting tired.

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Apps to set the background without scaling on Android

1 – Image 2 Background image

The Image 2 Wallpaper application sets the image as the background without scaling it. Simply select an image from the gallery or any other application and set it as your wallpaper. If you want to resize the image before setting it as wallpaper, you can easily do so.

Main features of the wallpaper Figure 2

  • You can use this app on both Android phones and tablets.
  • You can either resize the images or keep the original size of the image.
  • Mirror, rotate and crop the image.
  • You can apply image effects such as sepia tones, brightness, blur, contrast, etc.

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2 – Wallpaper installation

Wallpaper Setter is a very simple tool that allows you to place your entire photo on the wallpaper. You can easily choose the style that suits you, including tile, medium and stretch.

Key features of Wallpaper Setter

  • You can paint the wallpaper. It supports monochromatic colors and gradients.
  • You can create a collage and set it as the background image.

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3 – Wizardrii wallpaper

With Wallpaper Wizardrii, you can set an entire image as background on your Android device. You can easily create portraits and crop images. You can also rotate, flip, split, grayscale and resize photos.

Main characteristics of the Wizardrii wallpaper

  • The size of the images is automatically adjusted.
  • Offer a choice of 9 sets.

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4 – Instasize

You can use Instasize to post an entire photo on Instagram without cropping it. Instagram does not allow you to post full size photos, if they are not square, a crop screen will appear.

You can use this tool very easily. Any user, regardless of skill level, can add a professional and personal touch to the images they upload.

Key features of Instasize

  • Instantly resize the photo to fit any social platform.
  • Boost the image filters, of course.
  • Easily adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness and more.
  • You can select multiple images and create a collage.
  • You can easily add text to the photos.

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I know it’s really annoying when you try to set a full background image, but it’s magnified. But don’t panic, because there are several apps in the Google Play Store that can help you set non-scaling wallpapers in Android. Some applications are mentioned above, you can try these applications to solve the problem.

Max Field is the founder of recoverandroid-data.com. He is an Android enthusiast and loves to write tips, recommendations, troubleshooting, data recovery solutions and other Android related stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set a picture as my wallpaper without it zooming in?

If you are using a computer, you can set the picture as your wallpaper by right-clicking on the picture and then clicking “Set as Wallpaper”.

How do I set a wallpaper on my Android without stretching it?

You can set a wallpaper on your Android without stretching it by using the wallpaper picker in the settings.

How do I make my wallpaper fit on my Android?

You can use the wallpaper app to make your wallpaper fit your screen.

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