[SOLVED] Discord Update Failed [ 7 Easy Solutions ]

Today I am going to explain the best way to fix this issue. First, you need to download a program called Discord Fixer, It can be found here: Discord Fixer

In your early years playing games, you may have encountered a problem that seems to appear out of nowhere. For some, it may be that new version of Microsoft Windows Xp that refuses to boot. For others, it may be the latest software update for the game you are playing. For some, it may be that you are simply doing it all wrong. The point is, no matter what the problem is, there is always a solution to it. So why not solve it yourself?

Discord is a popular tool that enables you to meet up with friends online. At the moment, it is also the tool of choice for gamers looking to play online games. Unfortunately, some users have encountered some trouble with the Discord update process, but we have a few tips for you to try out.

Discord is one of the most popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) applications used by players to communicate with each other, coordinate play, and share milestones. The Discord application is available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS. The development team regularly updates the Discord application, makes security improvements and fixes various bugs related to user-reported issues.

Each time you open the Discord application, new updates, if available, will be automatically downloaded and installed. But sometimes a Discord update fails. You’re not alone – many users report problems, Discord update has failed multiple times when checking for updates.

Why does the Discord update fail?

There are several possible reasons why Discord does not update. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Diskord server problems
  • Problems with the internet connection
  • the antivirus somehow blocked the update
  • Corrupt files are one of the most common

Whatever the reason, here are some of the best suggestions to fix Discord update issues in Windows 10.


6 simple fixes for Discord update failures

Restart your computer and open the Discord application again, let it check and install the latest updates. Restart the computer, clear the memory, reset the data of the unsaved parts on the disk and restart the Discord update process, which will probably end the Discord update cycle.

Temporarily disable or remove third-party antivirus programs from your computer, and especially disable VPN (if configured on your computer).

Reboot and make sure everything is in order, open or install Discord updates.


Checking internet connection

Check and make sure you have a stable and working internet connection to download Discord updates from your server. If the device you’re using with Discord can’t load websites like Discord.com, you’ll need to restore your internet connection and try to access Discord again to resolve this issue.

You can reboot the modem and router, which will likely help resolve various Internet connection issues.

Check Discord server status

If something is wrong with the Discord server, you may encounter various problems with the Discord application, such as For example, when Discord intercepts a voice connection or checks for updates.

Go to https://discordstatus.com/ and see if there is a partial outage, it is possible they are not providing an update for your device. If all is well in this place, look for the following solutions.

Temporarily disable the firewall

In addition, temporarily disable Windows Firewall by following these steps.

  • Press Windows + R, type firewall.cpl and click OK.
  • Click on Enable or Disable Windows Defender Firewall,
  • Then select the radio button, Disable Windows Defender Firewall for both options.

Rename DiscordUpdate File

If the Discord update file is corrupt, you may have problems installing Discord updates. Now rename the Discord update file, let Discord upload a new copy, and fix the problem yourself.

  • Make sure Discord is not running or close it in Task Manager,
  • Press Windows key + R. Type % localappdata% and press Enter.
  • Find and open the Discord folder and rename Update.exe to UpdateX.exe.
  • Now try opening Discord and see if it’s updated.

Reinstall Discord application

And the last solution is to reinstall the Discord application. Allows you to remove all remaining Discord processes, delete local Discord files, and reinstall Discord from scratch.

  • Open Task Manager, find Discord in the list of processes, select it and click on End Task.
  • If there are multiple instances of Discord, select each instance and click Stop Task.
  • Now press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl and click OK,
  • The Programs and Resources window opens. Find the Discord application here, right click and select Uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the Discord application from your PC.
  • Then press Windows + R, type % localappdata% and click OK.
  • Find the Discord folder here and delete it.
  • Open %% Application Data again and delete the discord folder in it, then restart the computer.
  • Finally, go to the official Discord website to download and install the Discord app on your device.

I hope you’ve solved the problem of the failed Discord update. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others who are facing the same problem. If you also want to learn how to create spoiler images in Discord, click here.Today I had troubles with Discord. I tried to update it, but it failed. This is a guide on how to fix if it failed. Hope it helps.. Read more about discord update failed retrying in 10 seconds and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix discord update failed?

If you are having trouble updating your discord, you may need to clear your cache. Open your browser and type in “about:cache” and press enter. Find the “Temporary Internet Files” folder and delete it. Then restart your browser.

How do I fix discord update failed Windows 7?

The first thing you should try is to uninstall and reinstall the Discord app. If that doesn’t work, try the following steps:

How do I force update discord?

To force update discord, you need to delete the old discord.exe and then download the new one.

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