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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4, 2017) is a ground-up HD remaster of the 2006 title Final Fantasy XII that improves the game in almost every way. The story follows a group of characters as they travel the world on a quest to defeat the Empire’s sworn enemies, the powerful and mysterious Zodiac Braves. Unfortunately, the game is weighed down by a poor character-building system and an over-reliance on the Job system. This doesn’t stop it from being a fun and engaging romp through a politically-driven fantasy world, though.

Final Fantasy XIV’s first major expansion The Zodiac Age has been out for almost 2 months and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t done a single dungeon, so my ranking is a little low, but I’m in a guild with some old friends, and I’ve been having a blast. I wanted to share with you all my favorite high rank jobs before I get started on the expansion, so keep reading.

As you might have noticed, Final Fantasy XIV is the source of many of my blogs. This is because, rather than a single game, it is a constantly changing beast that you could write about for years without running out of things to say. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been doing exactly that for years. However, enough is enough and it’s time for me to move on to other topics. To do that, I’ve decided to write my first ever ranked list – the top 10 pieces of Final Fantasy XIV content.

Of all the professions in the Zodiac Age, the machinist is one of the most interesting, both thematically and mechanically. This is mostly due to the incredible weapon and ammo combinations they have access to, which are the only weapons in the game that are not stat-independent. This means that it is highly beneficial for your group to acquire them as early as possible to ensure that the physically weaker classes have access to a reliable attack – if you choose to use them with the Machinist (or later the Shikari).

12. Chapel

word-image-5545 I put the Capella under the Altair because it’s not an impressive upgrade. Compared to any other weapon, a measly 2 attacks – especially considering when this weapon became available – just doesn’t justify it being the worst weapon in the game. How to get it: You can find it in Rabanastra’s shop (after Barheim’s Passage) or in Nalbin’s fortress (after Barheim’s Passage); it can also be found in the Barheim’s Passage treasure (Zevia Keep), but it’s probably easier to buy it.

11. Altair

word-image-5546 Not surprisingly, the weakest and most available gun is still not at the top of the list. While it’s a great starting weapon, its low damage decreases before some of the better weapons become available – meaning you probably won’t feel like your machinist can keep up in the early stages of damage. Fortunately, at this point your machinist can easily act as a pseudo-healer with his items (allowing him to do more damage to other characters), which makes the pain of growing up a little more bearable. How to get it: This is Baltier’s launcher. Or, if you need more than one, you can buy them at the Rabanastra store (and a few other places, but the store is the easiest place).

10. Vega

word-image-5547 There’s nothing remarkable about Vega, except that it’s a decent upgrade (unlike Capella) and the visual design is weird and clunky. Worth noting, but aside from being slightly better than the others, it’s just another choice for long distance fighting. How to get it: Easiest to find in Rabanastra’s shop (after Ba’Gamnan in the Lhusu mines) or as a 5% drop from Axebik.

9. Sirius

word-image-5548 Although named after the brightest star in a series of similar designations, the Sirius model is really just a…. Sirius, on the other hand, is a step above Vega! And that’s why it’s part of this list. Take it if you can, but there are other lawsuits as you go further into the story. How to get it: In Rabanastra’s shop (after defeating Belias), or you can steal it with a 3% chance of Horny Alligator or a 10% chance of Imdugood at level 8 of challenge mode.

8. Betelgeuse

word-image-5549 If Sandsey hasn’t announced it yet, by the time Betelgeuse is available, you should seriously consider getting a second pair to work with. That said, Betelgeuse is a worthy addition to all your weapons. But only if you like to hunt it, or if you’re not short of money that would be better spent on a more practical physical weapon. How to get it: In the shop in the village of Eruit and on the mountain of Bur-Omisas, or as a drop of 1% of Barmuu.

7. Ras Algeti

word-image-5550 In my opinion, this is one of the coolest weapons in the entire game. With obvious similarities to the knives from Final Fantasy 8, the only thing I can say about this weapon is that it offers nothing more than a sick blade. How to get it: In the Mount Bur-Omisas shop (after defeating Vinuskar) or as 55% Adrammelech loot at level 35 of Challenge Mode. They also have a 5% chance of snatching him away from Philo.

6. Aldebaran

word-image-5551 The Aldebaran looks similar to Mithuna’s perfect weapon, but that’s where the similarities end. Fortunately, Aldebaran is currently the last of the boring guns. Boring in the sense that their stats only grow and that’s it. But the top five in our rankings all have interesting implications for some of the game. How to get it: You can get it at the Phon Coast/Archaden store or as a 1% deposit from the Pirate Bangaa.

5. Spica

word-image-5552 This is the first weapon in the list that can be used by both Machinists and Shikaris, which is ideal if you need additional status effects, elemental damage types, or control over flying enemies. This also means that you don’t have to choose a Machinist to take advantage of some high-level strategies with ranged weapons. And, to be honest, these kinds of weapons can be a lot of fun. How to get it: at Balfonheim’s port shop, or you have a 5% chance of stealing it from Shadonir. There are other places, but these are the easiest.

4. Antares

word-image-5553 The following few weapons from FF12 can be considered the rarest, as none of them are commercially available. In comparison, Antares is still pretty easy to get, with a 1 in 20 chance of falling from a common enemy. That’s why it’s always worth coming in unannounced or with a slight grin. The statistics are worth it. How to get it: A treasure in the Cerobi steppe (old Elanise road), and it is also a rare 5% of Deidar.

3. Arcturus

word-image-5554 Arcturus can be bought much earlier than its capacity suggests. In fact, you can buy it when you first visit the Ogir Enns Sand Sea. This takes a lot of effort, but can severely degrade some fights at this point, as the weapon re-injects damage regardless of the user’s stats. After the events in Leviathan, you must capture the Wyvern Lord hunter in Rabanastra before heading to the Sea of Sand. For this weapon you need a number of items that you take to the bazaar. This is how it works: Grab the two Wyvern wings from the Wyvern lord by stealing them and dropping them while running two screens away. Yensa fins are pretty easy to get from the monster Yensa fishermen in the area. And to get Salamand Halcyon, find Salamand Entite (I usually find too many of these items) and find a way to steal it until you get the last item. Sell them, buy a new model gun, and voila, easy mode is unlocked. How to get it: On the market as a late model rifle (2 Wyvern Wing, 2 Ensa Fin, 1 Salamander Halcyon).

2. Fomalhaut

word-image-5555 The Fomalhaut is in a unique situation, as it is the most powerful weapon Shikari has. It’s also the second most powerful weapon, and there are several available if you’re willing to hunt for them. There is an incredibly powerful strategy that uses the damage increasing abilities of the black cloaks and the dark elemental. And the fact that you can use it with this weapon as well as Dark Shots is probably one of the most versatile moves in the game. With Absorption of Darkness, you can even get a healing and damage conjuring hybrid ….. Or two, if you’re in a crazy mood. How to get it: Treasure in Hen’s mines (excavation stage 2), or you also have a 10% chance of stealing it from Elsa in challenge mode in stage 86.

1. Mithuna

word-image-5556 It can be said that the Mithuna is an absolutely insane weapon. Take all the elements that make a weapon powerful and add the multiplier: 2.5x accuracy and 2x critical hit probability. However, it also has some drawbacks. As mentioned earlier, it shares a common design with the much weaker Aldebaran, which isn’t exactly a top-notch weapon. It’s also hard to get (easier at the bazaar). Archaea that drop the imperial ladders you need are very difficult opponents. And to get to Elsa in the challenge is tedious, plus she doesn’t have very good flight (and it’s also a tough fight). But if you have the patience, there is literally nothing better than this. So Mithuna is the undisputed choice for all weapons in FFXII (TZA or otherwise). How to get it: From the Bazaar as a Mudslinger (2 Imperial Scales, 3 Silver Liquid, 8 Earth Crystal), or you have 3% chance to steal it from Elsa in challenge mode in step 86.Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is one of the most beloved Final Fantasy games and it’s receiving an HD re-release on the PS4. Square Enix is taking the opportunity to add a whole lot of new content, such as new job classes and an extended ending. We’ve gathered together the best tips and tricks for making the most of your playthrough. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age – How to Find All of the Best Weapons Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age – How to Defeat the Nergigante Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age – How to Find All the Best Items. Read more about ff12 best characters and let us know what you think.

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