Updated List of Best Kodi Builds for FireStick & Android in 2020

As the Kodi ecosystem has grown and matured, there have been a lot of changes to the popular media player. The latest version, Kodi 18 Leia, added support for Amazon Firestick devices and mobile devices, two important features. But before we discuss those, let’s first take a look at what’s new with 18 Leia.

For FireStick Users To get Full HD and HD movies on Kodi the best builds that are available in the market include: Kodi Builds *updated list*

Kodi is an exciting platform that is free and open source. It has revolutionized online entertainment thanks to the ease with which it can be installed and configured on the device of your choice. The ability to watch live online entertainment content on a TV is just magical and more than convenient.

The simplicity of Kodi gives users the freedom to stream live online video to their smart TVs or other devices. You no longer have to turn on your laptop or desktop, search for entertainment content and wait for it to be cached before you can view it. Kodi transfers the entire user interface to your remote. Sit back, relax and watch online content from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

All this can be achieved by simply configuring Kodi builds and directly installing the appropriate add-ons. Below is a comprehensive list of the best Kodi builds for 2020 that allow you to access a wide range of media and entertainment content on the Internet, including but not limited to movies, sports, news, comedy, kids, TV shows, music and more.

Kodi’s Best Builds for 2020 [Updated list of functional Builds]

Below is a list of the best Kodi builds. Take a look at them and choose the one you like best.

Durex building

Durex was praised for offering users free unlimited streaming of their favorite movies and a range of entertainment content. This is a handy build that can directly replace non-functioning Kodi add-ons.
To install Durex Build on Kodi

Schism TV building

Schism Build is one of the newer tools, but it has quickly made its way onto the list of the best thanks to the seven charming skins it offers.  If the user gets tired of the look of the control panel, he can replace it with a different interface and enjoy the change. With this construction, you have access to an unlimited amount of free entertainment content on the Internet.


Spark opens the door to a wide range of entertainment from movies to sports to TV shows and more. As a new competitor, it has quickly gained prominence among the best Kodi builds for 2020because it offers a mega source of entertainment.

Jazz Builds Kodi

Jazz Build Kodi stands out for being a very lightweight tool, even though it covers most content in the media category. With an installation size of only 100 MB, you will have uninterrupted access to all sports and children’s channels, TV programmes and films.

Light and dense body

The name of this assembly reflects its features and benefits. It takes up only 128 MB on your Kodi device and offers an attractive interface. With an attractive background and wallpaper, it creates a beautiful user interface that makes it easy to browse through all Kodi add-ons directly from the main menu.

Slim only

Simply Slim also offers the opportunity to visit the entertainment center and watch a wide range of movies, live shows and events, children’s content, sports, music and more. It is a very lightweight application that takes up only 138 MB after installation.

Xon Build Kodi

Xon Build is a dedicated platform that brings together the previous and latest offerings of children’s entertainment, sports, movies, TV shows and news channels. With so many add-ons, you have the freedom to choose the media category of your choice. Choose a category and continue playing live without interruption.


CellarDoorTV is known for its beautiful workmanship. It made this list of the 20 best Kodi builds for 2020because of its great graphics and animations. Although it was created only by programmers, it quickly became a mainstream construct.

To install CellarDoorTV on Kodi

Dominus building

Dominus offers another set of useful extensions for your Kodi device that allow you to watch live TV, shows, sports, news, movies and more for free. This setup is paired with the CellarDoor TV we mentioned earlier in this list. Notable additions to the game include Bob Unleashed, Poseidon, Nemesis, and Covenant.

Blackout Kodi Build

Blackout can be described as a full-fledged build that gives you a complete list of Kodi add-ons for media streaming and online entertainment. Despite its impressive size of 450 MB, it processes the data requested by the user quickly and with reliable results. This version works on all devices and gives access to new add-ons for Kodi.

Building a dragon’s fire

Dragon Fire is the latest entry in Kodi’s build collection in 2020. With the purchase of 270MB of storage space, this appears to be an interesting deal for Kodi users. Although this build is in beta, it is only available for the latest version, known as Kodi Leia 18.

Kodi control

Kodi Collusion is a great alternative for Kodi users who are tired of installing additional widgets and plugins to access their favorite content. This package is specifically designed to provide the end user with a refreshing and soothing experience. All Kodi add-ons are compatible with this version.

FuryX Build Kodi

The FuryX Build features the Indominus Wizard system, which simplifies access to various add-ons and entertainment content. It’s light and the size is 178 MB, and the Xconfluence skin is well integrated into the build. Interestingly, with the wide selection of Kodi add-ons, you will never miss watching your favorite videos or other content.


Leviathan was developed by Comic Saints taking into account all current and widely used Kodi add-ons. By adding new multimedia plug-ins, you can watch the content you want online in HD quality. Watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Darkness and all the latest series and movies will be easier with this compilation.

  1. JayHawk Media Wizard

JayHawk is mentioned in our list of top 20 -codi builds for 2020because of the recent collection of add-ons it offers. With an exclusive and extensive media library, users can easily find a specific genre or type of content to watch with friends and family. The construction offers a wide range of adjustment possibilities.

Equinox Kodi Construction

Equinox tops this year’s list of best Kodi builds. It is available in the Genie TV Wizard software. The reason why it is considered best in class is the wide variety of domains it offers to users. It offers a variety of movies, TV shows, kids content and live streaming. Moreover, this compilation is specially dedicated to sporting events from around the world for sports fans.

DJ Jubee Kodi Construction Kit

DJ Jubee is a new version of Kodi with an integrated version of Aeon Nox to extend the functionality of Kodi users. This build is not limited to the Firestick, so you can also use it on Windows and Android devices. It offers a wide range of entertainment including music, family programs, sports, movies, etc.

To install DJ Jubee on Kodi


Khaos is highly recommended for Kodi users, who can use it to watch a lot of content directly on their smart TVs. Like the others, it provides easy access to all free content, whether it’s movies, comedies, kids shows, news, sports or TV series. But it also includes an Eternal TV section, which allows you to watch premium entertainment content after paying a subscription fee. So you can access both free and premium content from the same box.

Nymeria Building

Nymeria focuses on providing an engaging user experience with a beautiful interface. It is popular for its simple, user-friendly interface and lack of unnecessary widgets. With a wide choice of media sections, you can instantly find the content you’re looking for and watch it in high quality.

Building a labyrinth

Maze is another lightweight build that appeals to Kodi users with its great user interface and features. It works perfectly on the Firestick and other devices, regardless of the installation of compatible applications. With the Aeon Nox skin and a varied entertainment area, it works like a charm.

Conclusion – The best Kodi Builds in 2020

The Kodi application is becoming increasingly popular as it allows users to find a wide range of builds, tools and add-ons to access online media content. Using the list we have given in this article, you can easily choose the construction that best suits your needs to watch live videos from the internet without any interruption.