How To Hide A Story From Everyone In Instagram Easily – Step By Step Guide

How To Hide A Story From Everyone In Instagram Easily: For social media users, privacy is a major consideration in today’s digital age, and Instagram being one of the most popular platforms is no exception. If you’ve been searching for ways to keep your stories from everyone on this platform yet don’t know how to go about it, look no further!

This post discusses various methods which allow people more control over what they share with others by enabling them to hide their Instagram stories from certain viewers. Whether you want your story hidden completely or just limitedly viewed by specific followers, now there are several approaches available that will make sure all those settings can be adjusted as desired within the app itself.

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How To Hide A Story From Everyone In Instagram Easily

How To Hide A Story From Everyone In Instagram

Hiding Instagram stories is a useful tool that enables users to guard their privacy while still being able to share with select individuals. You can customize who sees your story by using the ‘Hide Story’ option and having people in the Close Friends list or adjusting settings for non-followers. Through this feature, you are allowed to test out new features without any worries about mistakes occurring, find out if someone has seen your story, or keep particular content away from friends on purpose.

In order to help preserve secrecy when it comes to sharing information online through an Instagram profile’s Stories section, there are two options available: hiding them either selectively among followers or from those who do not follow said account holder at all. For exclusive viewers, we have explained how one should go ahead with employing both of these means.

Utilizing either Hide Story choices or placing certain contacts into a specific group denominated ‘Close Friends’ within their phonebook settings respectively alongside steps concerning creating private profiles thereby only allowing some folks access into inaccessible sections previously unprotected before such change was implemented successfully.

Hiding Stories from Followers

The ability to control who can view Instagram stories is possible with the ‘Hide Story’ option. By adding certain individuals or groups of people into this list, users can prevent specific followers from having access to their story content, ensuring that only those they want are able to see it.

Making your account private also allows for hiding posts and stories from non-followers, since anyone without an approved request cannot view what you have posted in terms of stories. This way, one has greater discretion over how widely they wish a particular post or set of Instagram stories be shared so that unwanted attention may be avoided if desired.

Hiding Stories from Non-Followers

To make your Instagram stories invisible to non-followers, it is important that you switch the account settings to private. Doing this enables you to restrict access only for approved followers and hides any profile picture from view of public users.

There’s a ‘Hide Story’ feature that permits one single person who doesn’t follow them on Instagram not to be able to watch their story without having converted into an exclusive account. This allows people to manage what can be seen by whom with no need to turn their presence online fully confidential.

Method 1: Using the Hide Story Option

The “Hide Story” feature offers a straightforward way of ensuring your Instagram stories are hidden from everyone except the individual or group of people you designate. This option can be found within the Instagram app itself and is designed to make it easy for you to limit who will view specific posts on your account while still allowing access to those desired by yourself.

Using this tool, users have greater control over their story privacy settings regardless if they’re using Android devices, iOS phones/tablets, or any other android application out there – here’s an in-depth guide showing how best use this “hide” function properly.

Step-by-Step Guide

In order to access the “Hide Story” feature on Instagram and hide your stories from certain users, begin by opening up the app. Then click onto your profile page, followed by pressing on the three-bar icon found at the top of this screen. You should select Settings in the menu that appears after tapping it. Then go into the Privacy tab as well as its respective Story option where you can choose who won’t be able to view these posts anymore – simply pick ‘hide’ next to their name using a selection bubble beside it.

Confirm your choice by checking the mark in the upper right corner (for Android) or hit the “Done” button for iPhones out there before moving forward! You now have more control over privacy when sharing Stories thanks to getting rid of those people who do not wish them shown too easily via one single tap!

Method 2: Utilizing Close Friends List

One advantageous approach to selectively sharing Instagram stories is the Close Friends list. With this feature, you are able to pick specific followers who can view your stories without anyone else from your follower base being aware of them. This may prove very useful if your profile has been set as private and content should only be seen by a select few individuals.

To help you understand how it works better and what limitations there might be in using this tool for more targeted story-sharing, here we go through a step-by-step guide on creating and managing such lists efficiently with Instagram features available.

Advantages and Limitations

The Close Friends list feature on Instagram gives users the opportunity to limit their stories to an exclusive group of friends. This helps them maintain a more personal relationship and share content that is tailored for this smaller audience. A green circle around the shared stories also notifies those included in your list, which might cause some uneasiness if they were unaware beforehand.

Despite potential awkwardness from being “called out” with a green circle, using the close friends function can help keep privacy while connecting you closer to your inner circle of confidantes through carefully selected posts and messages.


To summarize, using the “Hide Story” feature is an effective way to secure and personalize your Instagram experience. It allows you to keep certain stories from being visible by people not on your Close Friends list. With this in mind, follow all the steps discussed here so that only those intended will be able to view your content – no matter if its a story or post. Adjust relevant privacy settings as necessary for even more control over who sees it!

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